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season of light

Music by Linda Newlin - Her music now playing on Live 365 Radio and Women of Substance Radio


Linda's passion for helping people
to live their dreams and end all forms
of abuse is provocative. What is abuse?
It's not just physical and sexual abuse,
it's ALL the ways we abuse ourselves
with negative self talk, staying in empty
relationships, working in a job we hate,
not doing what we love and not being
who we truly are.

This song became a musical journey
to inspire people to heal and to be moved
to act to end the suffering in their lives.

The lyrics were written 3 days before
the Penn State case hit the media.

This song asks the questions all victims
want to ask "Where were you when it
was happening to me?" "Did you just expect
that we would somehow forget?"

My wish is that you know the truth
that you are much bigger than anything
that has ever happened to you. Healing
is possible and your light will shine again!

"Be inspired to listen to your own heart and find the gifts within you.
Choose to end the suffering in your life so you can shine your light in the world."


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