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linda newlinAbout Linda Newlin

"The universe had to help wake me up from what now seems like a coma, to realize I had created a life that was not me. It looked like the life I had been programmed to choose, but it was not who I was. After being hit by 4 drunk drivers, losing my business on 9/11 and a near death experience, I had to face the truth. I was not authentically being me and living the life I truly was.

I then had to do the most courageous thing I've ever done...tell myself the truth and begin to listen to my own heart so I could heal from the past and find my way back home to who I am. Miracles began to happen as I took the steps to reclaim my gifts and give myself what I wanted. I believe the most self loving thing we will ever do is to choose to come home and BE who we are.

I invite you to enter into the most courageous and interesting adventure…discovering who you are and what you want, so you can live the life you truly are."

Linda is the author of the book The Inner Traveler’s™ Guidebook to Moyo: Discovering the Power of Listening to Your Own Heart. This book is the first in a series designed to support Inner Travelers™ on their journey back home to their authentic selves. This first book takes the unique form of a workbook and musical travel guide. It leads readers through questions, quotes, anecdotes, reflections and exercises to explore resistances to self love and truly becoming who they are so they can emerge from past limitations and heal.

Linda’s dream is to help change the world such that people can claim their gifts and authentically share who they are in their families, communities and at work. Ms. Newlin was awarded the Everyday Hero Award by the Up With People International Alumni Assoc. in 2012 for her lifelong work helping to change the world by alleviating human suffering.

She has worked with hundreds of individuals and leaders in corporations, universities, nonprofits and families who are courageously growing and moving toward their dreams and vision of positive contribution in the world.

Her new company, Emotional Technology, Inc., is dedicated to cracking the code on human programming and providing “Apps for Change.”  Through speaking, workshops, books, music and relearning processes, clients are supported to move beyond the childhood patterns that keep them from being who they truly are.  Authenticity, balance and wholeness thus create sustainability, health and well being. Linda’s passion is to be a catalyst for change and to inspire growth and healing in all her clients so they can achieve their vision.

Ms. Newlin’s professional experience includes working for American Express Co., Pepperdine University, Champlain College and owning her own executive search firm for over 20 years. She is a certified Hudson Coach, MBTI specialist and a Hoffman Institute Teacher and Coach. The Hoffman Institute ( provides a unique transformational process that helps people break free of childhood programming and shift patterns that keep them from creating the lasting change they desire. It is for individuals who are seeking to become more present, authentic and to be the source of change in their own lives.

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